Woman-Centric Builder

Woman-Centric builderAt Sanders Lifestyles, we understand that livability and style are important pieces of building a new home. That’s why we’re dedicated to being Wichita’s Woman-Centric builder. The approach means you get the best builder, the best service and a home that matches your lifestyle.

What’s a Woman-Centric Builder?

Woman-Centric is a simple and profound approach to building a new home. The woman-centric approach recognizes that women and men approach the home’s design differently. Historically, most home building contractors and most of their tradespeople are men. Therefore, intentional or not, most new homes have had a distinctly male driven design.

But here’s where Sanders Lifestyles is very different. We’re a Woman-Centric Builder which means we take a holistic approach to home design and home building. Derived from a decade of research into women’s preferences in the home, innovation in home design, products used and other amenities are wrapped around a remarkable home experience.

At its core, our woman-centric approach is founded on helping you make wise, informed decisions regarding your home’s design and the products featured in your home. Many of our clients are delighted to discover amenities for their new home they didn’t even know existed! But most important, we never forget this is your home. You are at the center of everything we do. You talk and we listen. And we ask questions to come up with solutions that deliver a home that’s truly you.


Woman-centric builderWe Focus On Three Facets of Home Design

Aesthetics are perhaps easiest to recognize. Everywhere you look in your home, do you like what you see? Equally important are the functional and practical aspects of your new home. Beyond being beautiful, do the products being selected for your home excel at doing what they’re supposed to do, consistently, and are they reliable? Finally, how does the design and product selections make you feel? Nothing else reveals quite so much about ourselves to others as our homes.


Keen Perspective On The Home’s Livability

livability-circleDesign Basics discovered women primarily employ four “filters” when looking at a new home’s suitability for her and her family.

  1. Entertaining – How does the home’s design and products enhance entertaining family and friends.
  2. Storage – Is there adequate storage, is it located precisely where it is needed, and would select organizational products make it even better?
  3. Relaxation – How do you like to relax, or perhaps rejuvenate, at home? Those personal spaces are golden!
  4. Flex Space – For many of us, these are a must-have area. They could be multi-purpose rooms, or perhaps areas which accommodate different uses at different times of the year.


Woman-Centric Model Home

Our first Woman-Centric model home is currently under construction in the Iron Gate development in Bel Aire and is planned for completion for the Fall Parade of Homes starting October 4th.

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